Weight Loss

Annette Larner is the creator of ‘The VIP Weight Loss’ programme – a unique plan designed to help people control their weight safely, effectively and permanently.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and failed, you’ll know just how miserable it can make you feel. Feeling guilty, lacking in confidence and self-esteem, it isn’t long before you begin overeating again, if only for the short-term comfort it offers… and so the cycle continues.

It’s known as ‘yo-yo’ dieting – we’ve all heard of it; many of us have been there – and it can be an impossible pattern to break. It’s one of the main reasons why consistent weight loss is so difficult to maintain. Many people fail ever to get their weight under control and simply give up. But it REALLY doesn’t have to be this way.

How does it work?

Working with your sub-conscious and conscious mind, I use powerful and proven techniques, including hypnotherapy, that will help you eliminate negative eating habits and develop a positive new attitude to food, without cravings and depression. I’ll help you lose weight healthily, happily and permanently, resulting in you discovering a new confidence in your body.

Drop the ‘fad’

This is NOT a ‘fad diet’ – there are NO ‘packet foods’ or gimmicks. This IS about training your mind to a healthier relationship with food – one that is sustainable. Together, we can work through the real issues, stop the yo-yo ‘temporary fix’ dieting and build the road to a healthier, happier future. When we lose the weight naturally and stabilise the metabolism, it is sustainable. And as an added bonus, you may feel more relaxed, with lower anxiety levels and improved sleep. Just imagine that!

Please book my course if you are ready and willing to leave behind the ‘fad dieting’, and are ready to commit to a healthier, happier and slimmer you.


Unique VIP Weight Loss Course

  • Five bespoke sessions, using a combination of therapies designed to your individual needs
  • Fortnightly check-in support for six months
  • Email and text support seven days a week for four weeks
  • Audio downloads to enable continued learning and support
  • Weekly support information pack
  • £1,295.00 (weekly payment plan option available)

For London clinic prices, please email us at hello@annettelarnerclinics.com or call 07595959796.

*SPECIAL OFFER*: SAVE £300.00 = 

ONLY £995.00 (payment in advance)

Please note: Special offers not applicable for Harley Street or London-based consultation and treatment. 

How to book:

To book your free face-to-face, skype or phone consultation with Annette, fill in the below form, or call us on 07595959796 today. Email: hello@annettelarnerclinics.com